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Virtual Conference Series for Science Educators
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2021 Champions for Science Virtual Conference

The 2021 Champions For Science virtual conference series is for secondary science educators who understand that collaboration and communication extend beyond the classroom, and who are looking to bring experiences, opportunities, and inspiration to their students. This year’s professional development series will provide an opportunity to learn and collaborate among top educators, brilliant science communicators, risk-taking innovators, and inspiring authors. Join us as we come together in science to share successful strategies, best practices, engaging resources, and of course enthusiasm so you are ready to take on the school year!

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Created for teachers like you

The Champions For Science virtual conference series was created for teachers like you – the true champions of science. Our emphasis this year is helping you build a game plan for the upcoming school year – no matter what the circumstances may be.

Our team of presenters will provide sessions that highlight emerging challenges, and share valuable resources available on their session page for download! Get ready to be inspired with fresh ideas on how to reach ALL your students in innovative and exciting ways.

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